Cache Cache

MLC Exclusive showcase

October 2022

In October, Miss London Concierge hosted a very special event at the stunning Cache Cache in Covent Garden for some of our key clients. The venue is simply spectacular. Read below to find out what we loved most about it.

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A brand new venue (well, it opened February 2020 and got off to a great start but unfortunately had to close due to the pandemic) that is worth visitiing.

As Forbes magazine writes, Cache Cache is ‘nestled in a secret location under Covent Garden’s Piazza, the restaurant-cum-cocktail club is one of the city’s best-kept secrets.’

Grizzly Hospitality—Cache Cache’s management group said, “We discovered this strange underground space in one of our restaurants and it was just too nice to be a storage area. We knew we had to do something with it,” says Karakaş.

“We were also talking about the movie Casablanca at the time, and thought ‘why don’t we just do that?!’”

“It took us another year, because Westminster is very tight with licenses, but we eventually got there!”

Cache Cache, is a modern-day, decadent speakeasy hidden in the heart of Covent Garden. Completely clandestine and unrecognizable from the outside, the building’s interiors hide a secretly seductive space where just 60 discerning invitees can have dinner and mingle with other like-minded guests. As the night progresses, the underground and glamorous atmosphere evolves into an intimate and seductive dance party. an opulent hideaway for thrilling entertainment, Cache Cache celebrates everything. No reason is required.

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“There are always people enjoying cocktails and food in the early evening, but the place finds itself around 10.30/11,” says Karakaş. “At that time, the DJ and bongo players are out and everyone stands up to dance. It’s a great atmosphere.”

Let’s not forget the scrumptious canapes we enjoyed, too. The venue boasts a gorgeous canapé menu with highlights including their coconut rice and octopus bowl and Buffalo and heritage tomatoes skewers. They get the whole ambience just right with their food choices.

Cache Cache restaurant and lounge can accommodate for up to 80 guests for a cocktail party reception and 60 guests for a seated dinner.

A huge thank you to our hosts at Cache Cache for arranging such  fabulous evening and showcasing the stand out event spaces in the heart of the West End. Our guests had a great time and are thrilled to recommend this venue to all our clients.

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