To celebrate 3 years of MLC we caught up with Founder & Director,  Emily Morbey

What is Miss London Concierge?

Miss London Concierge is a bespoke free venue finding and event booking service. We collaborate with the most exciting venues and suppliers in London and the UK.  We connect you to the biggest names and the most influential brands in the industry.

How did Miss London Concierge come about? What inspired you to create the company?

After 12 years of working in some of London’s most popular venues as a Sales and Events Manager, and 3 years heading up a Concierge Agency team, I launched Miss London Concierge.  Over the past 12 years , I have been lucky enough to visit and experience the capitals best venues and hotels whilst building some fantastic relationships, and this is where my passion for London venues and connecting event professionals really blossomed.  I have always loved the idea of being my own boss and I saw a gap in the  the market in connecting venue and corporate clients, while building key face to face relationships with clients through FAM trips, showcases and delivering a quick and efficient service.

Today, MLC’s first-class client list includes household brands including Facebook, ITV and Spotify to name just a few and we are really proud of these partnerships.

What is the favorite part about your job? What excites you most?

I love organising our VIP MLC Connects events and FAM trips.  These take place at various venues and hotels throughout London and the UK and we have hosted private dinners, drinks receptions on a London Rooftop and over night stays at top 5* hotels around the country.  I love being able to give our venue partners an opportunity to showcase their fabulous spaces and facilities and I love seeing our clients reactions to the fabulous event they are able to be part of.

What’s one thing you wish you knew before launching Miss London Concierge?

To be honest I am still learning! Every day I think I learn something new and have a new idea that I want to try and put into practice and there have definitely been things that I have had to learn quickly while on the job.  I certainly wish I knew and understood a bit more about corporation tax but other than that I have really enjoyed this journey of discovery so far.

What has been your the biggest “lesson learned“ in this 3 years?

Not to compare yourself to other people or other companies.  Everyone is on their own journey and I have learnt the importance of staying focused, working hard and staying in your own lane.

Any advice you would give people starting their own company?

When starting a company you, of course, need to be passionate about it but you also need to ensure that there is a market for what you are selling.  Is this something people want or need, what is your USP, do you have enough funding to start a business and can you afford to lose money in the first year?  These are all the questions I would ask yourself before launching but ultimately, if you don’t try you will never know!

Any Embarrassing MLC moments in the last 3 years?

One of the most embarrassing moments was when I was on the trip of a life time with Smart Group who had taken their agency partners away for the most incredible trip to Palma.  One evening after a very posh alfresco dinner, the dancing began.  I was wearing a flamenco style dress so thought it would be a good idea to start flamenco dancing, but I tripped on the cobbles, fell over flat on my face with my drink in hand (that stayed intact) my dress went over my head and Angela Hartnett  (the famous chef) had to pick me up off of the floor and find me a seat to help me with the shock.  I went as red as my dress and it still makes me cringe now 

Can you pinpoint a ‘best moment’?

There have been quite a few best moments which is hard to choose from.  I think landing our first big event booking with a very big company after only being operational for 3 weeks was a proud moment but there have also been some fabulous FAM trips and events we have hosted along the way that have impressed our clients.  These are great moments for me, being able to impress our clients and venue partners and know that they are proud to be party of the MLC community.

What’s a normal ‘Emily’ day-to-day?

My day usually starts between 5.30am – 6.30am.  After my first morning cuppa and 20 minutes of Yoga to wake up my body,  I grab the laptop and go through my calendar for that day, check and reply to any emails ( I always put my PC in aeroplane mode if replying to any emails at this time as no one needs to receive an email before 8am really!)  

 The rest of the day is spent checking in with the team on any marketing and social bits that need to go out,  replying to client emails, finalising any client proposals,  attending zoom calls and virtual site visits with venues,  and updating our members events calendar.  Very excited to be hosting real in-person events for our members in 2021 to watch this space!  I would usually spend 3 days a week in London attending site visits and meetings with venues and clients so I am very much looking forward to getting back to that when we can.

Throughout the day I will always make sure to go for an hour walk and spend time away from my desk. It really helps clear my head and I am much more focused for the afternoon.

 My working day will typically end between 6pm-7pm each day.

Any personal changes or challenges since you began?

I think the biggest challenge which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to is imposter syndrome.  There are many times that you feel like you are not good enough to do what you do, that you are winging it and are not as good as people might think you, and that soon you are going to be found out.  But it’s just a case of believing in yourself and your strengths, believing the compliments and great feedback you get from clients and partners, and not comparing yourself to others.

Your ‘procrastination’ activity?

Oh Instagram! I try to convince myself its research for work but I can lose quite a bit of time a day mesmerized by certain accounts.  I don’t have my phone on my desk in the morning which really helps!

What’s ahead for MLC?

We have lots of exciting things planned for the rest of 2021 and 2022 including lots of exciting member events at some of London’s top new and existing venues,  well as some amazing FAM trips throughout the UK.  We will be offering our members even more exclusive discounts on luxury brands and venues, bringing you some fabulous competition prizes and as always, bringing you the latest event and venues news.