Make your event special with Hometainment

MLC are delighted to introduce Hometainment, turning our clients’ events into a truly memorable experience.

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Why HometainmEnt?

With a wide range of experiences, Hometainment work with experts who have a unique entertainment offering. Their array of hospitality experts will surely make your event incredibly special.

Think of them as your ‘little-black book’ – we do!

If our clients ask for anything from bartenders in the office to wellness experiences, we know Hometainment will be able to find a fun, professional solution with unique experiences and out-of-the-box ideas.

MLC are always looking for new ways to make our clients’ events special – assisting not only in venue finding, but also recommending top suppliers and entertainment to make the event memorable.

So, what can Hometainment do for you?


Choose from a talented list of musicians to complete your event with live music. Hometainment can provide anything from a DJ to a classical pianist at a welcome reception or even a gospel choir!

Miss London Concierge top picks include their Authentic Cuban band, the theatrical surprise singers experience and the Live American Songbook Jazz performance.

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Dry hire? Office party? Hometainment can not only provide bartenders to ensure your guests are watered at your event, but also introduce high-end experiences such as luxury tastings and cocktail masterclasses.

Miss London Concierge top picks include their bartender service – ideal for any in-office event and their wine tasting – French icons. Who doesn’t love a wine tasting and mingle with clients?

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But Hometainment don’t just offer cocktails. Their wonderful range of masterclasses are a highlight of their experiences. Bring something fun and engaging to your office with offerings from ceviche classes to practicing self awareness by learning the basics of Tarot!

Miss London Concierge top picks include freakebana – a traditional Japanese flower arrangement Masterclass and learning how to make your own herbal remedies and tonics to keep you healthy.

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More and more, we are organising team wellness retreats, company offsites and group self-awareness programmes. Miss London Concierge are delighted to recommend Hometainment’s unique spiritual and well thought-out wellness experiences for your team.

If we had to highlight just a few, the MLC top picks would include: Transformational breath work to help stress and anxiety; as well as the Japanese trio of Reiki, tea and masks.

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Something Different

And, of course, Hometainment provide solutions for that common query: “We need something a bit different to the normal ‘corporate’ offering”. There are so many experiences offered by engaging professionals that it certainly will be challenging to pick just a few of our highlights.

Miss London Concierge top picks include: Chinese calligraphy writing for those creative moments, Sustainable table setting experience and The Euphoric Experience: an abstract fine dining experience that lets you escape reality with a 15-course tasting menu, and cocktail pairing .

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